Abrazo Academy

When you buy a home—whether it is new construction or used—there are many steps to take, forms to fill out and meetings to have. Abrazo Homes has collaborated with mortgage and home buying experts to provide you with information to make the home buying process simple and fun. Consider Abrazo Academy as a first time home buyer’s guide to success.

The following topics are essential to understand in order to be a knowledgeable and informed home buyer:

First Time Home Buyers

Mortgage Financing

Green Home Construction

The Home Building Process


All of these topics are covered in even greater detail in the free Abrazo Academy workbook.  To obtain a copy or get answers to your questions, Contact Abrazo Homes home buying specialist to learn more.


Abrazo Homes wants to show you that this process can be enjoyable when you know what to expect in the process. Our first time home buyer’s guide, Abrazo Academy, provides you with the education you need to make sound decisions for you and your family.


If you are educated on a subject, you are more likely to have confidence in your decisions. The same principle applies when you buy a home. First time home buyers may not have that confidence, but Abrazo Homes wants to empower your decisions and help you take pride in your investment.


While many new home building companies simply attempt to influence your decision without first educating you, Abrazo Homes believes in the importance of understanding your investment completely before you make your decision or sign any papers. Abrazo Academy is your protection from unethical or profit-first companies that do not care about your happiness and complete satisfaction. At Abrazo Homes, we are committed to the win-win, and that is only possible when you are comfortable in your home and in the home buying process. 

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Abrazo Academy is the place for first time home buyers and those purchasing for the first time in a long time, to educate, or re-educate, themselves in the world of home construction without the unnecessary pressure of a sales pitch. Education, empowerment and protection are keys to understanding your investment and finding the confidence you need to buy a home.